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2015 Meetings

   - Annual Conference

       document iconCurrent Applications & Future Plans of EasyPark

       document iconADOT&PF Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Program

       document icon Annual Meeting Final Agenda (10/20/15)

       document icon Introduction to Greenroads (10/20/15)

       document icon ADOT&PF ITS Projects (10/20/15)

       document icon Bluetooth Travel Time for Signal Timing (10/20/15)

       document icon Bluetooth for Traffic Signal Operations in Alaska (10/20/15)

       document icon ADOT&PF ITS Alaska Maintenance Decision Support Systems (MDSS) (10/20/15)

   - Other Meetings

       document icon Innovations in Road Weather (2/25/15)

       document icon SESA -Who we are (1/22/15)

       document icon Coral Sales Highway Solutions: Sales Staff / Roadview DMI Camera System (1/22/15)

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